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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meeting of a Dear Lady

I titled my blog "She Hath Done What She Could" - and I wanted to post a picture of where I got the inspiration!

When I first became a Christian, my brother gave me an excellent ladies book called "She Hath Done What She Could". I read the book cover to cover and several times through the years. It was written by Jane McWhorter, a special Christian lady and I finally got to meet her this past summer during a trip to Polishing the Pulpit in Alabama. So, my first post is dedicated to Sister McWhorter with thanks for all the great teaching I received via her wonderful book!


  1. What a nice opportunity to meet a nice lady. This blog seems to be missing things about Pizza Ice Cream and Candy Bars...go Blizzards and Snickers (Blizzard and Snickers are both registered trademarks used here without permission) By the way, I heard your brother is a real bonehead.

    signed your brother

  2. Welcome to the Bloggy World! :)

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  3. I love Jane McWhorter's books, including her last one about writing letters, "Special Delivery."

    "She hath done what she could," goes way back there and brings back memories. I think it had been around awhile when I first became a bride 27 years ago. I noticed it's still available now.

    Another one I liked was about Phil. 4. I think the name is "Caterpillars or Butterflies," but I'm not sure, as I always get the title mixed up.

    When I was a young girl, our class read "Let This Cup Pass."

    Lots of books by Jane!

  4. And now I know where your blog title comes from! That is so cool!!!

  5. gave you a shout out on the blog today!!!