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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Safeway!

Today was the last day for the in-ad coupons, so I made one more run this morning! Thanks again to Carrie for alerting me to the Nabisco deal! There was a poster up this morning at the store that this $6 promo is good until Jan. 1, 2008 and good on Ritz, Wheat Thins, Red Oval Farms, Triscuit, Honey Maid, Premium and Flavor Originals. My take home loot.....

6 boxes Nabisco crackers reg. price $3.59 ea X 6=$21.54-$11.58 ad sale-$6 promo-$1.32 in-ad coupon=$2.64 or $.44 a box
1 Duncan Hines Brownie reg. price $3.05-$2.05 ad sale=$1.00
1 Safeway Sugar reg. price $3.09-$.59 ad sale-$1.01 in-ad coupon=$1.49
4 Hefty plates reg price $2.49 ea X 4= $9.96-$1.96 ad sale-$4 in-ad coupon-$1.20 man. coupon=$2.80 or $.70 each

Original Total=$37.64
After ad, sale, coupon=$7.93
Savings of $29.71 - approximately an 80% savings!!!

I have a funny story about my Hefty coupons - I was in a Safeway and they had NO Hefty plates - but as I was looking on the bottom shelf, WAAAY in the back, I spied $.40 off coupons for these exact Hefty plates! I was on my hands and knees crawling to the back of the shelf to retrieve as many as I could see!! People around me were giving me some pretty funny looks! The things we will do for coupons and getting the "best" deal! LOL!


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