She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gotta love Target clothes!

I LOVE the Target clothes clearance rack! They have some really nice designers lately and at 75% off, things are a steal! My latest find were these European cut shirts - for $3.75 each! I got 3 different patterns.


  1. I love the shirt!! - I am going to the Dr. in the "big city" tomorrow - Target will be my treat to look forward to - hopefully, they have the same deal in Iowa!!

    Love the blog - you are doing a great job!!

    Rosita Chiquita Juantia Chi-wa-wa

  2. SO cute! I never think to look at the clothes - I think I will now!

  3. Love the top! I recently found some really cute things for my kids at Target on clearance. Love it. I always say if I could only shop at one store for my whole family's needs, it'd be a Target. ;-)

  4. Very nice!! Don't you love to find something trendy and fun that doesn't break the bank!

  5. love love love target. it's the happiest place on earth.