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Friday, December 7, 2007

Super Saving Saturday! $292.25 worth of meat for FREE!

I was already so happy this week from my cereal deal at Safeway, and then when I went to work on Friday, my boss had put aside tons of deer meat for me - he and his friend had been hunting and couldn't use all the meat, so they gifted it to my family! I even took a picture I was so excited! I priced it on the internet and it came out to $292.25! That will take us through the whole winter! (I also have my turkey stash from the last Safeway 50% off sale so we are set!) We got:

1 Deer roast - value $20
1 Elk roast - value $60
1 package Deer Round Steak $6.75
3 packages Deer Chops $60 ($20 a lb)
6 packages of ground venison $36
2 packages ground Elk $12
15 packages of breakfast sausage $97.50

I have already shared some of our take with our friends - we also took his family some Cheerios and juice. It's so fun to share the blessings we have been given!

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