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Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

Joining in on Frugal Friday's for the first time! Five things we did last year to save $100 effortlessly:

1. Cancelled our Dish service (save $50 a month) - worth it in more ways than money!!
2. Bought a Keurig coffee maker - the coffee is far superior to Starbucks and much less expensive, yet it tastes so much better than regular drip coffee! I got a great deal on it at Costco around Christmastime.
3. Started coupons and shopping Walgreens (thanks to Money Saving Mom!)
4. Began buying as many of our groceries as possible at Target, thanks to their new expanded grocery section. Still not a "Super Target" yet, but the savings on regular items many times are as much as 50%!
5. Burning our wood stove more to save on the PG&E bill! It works and keeps the house warm and cozy!

I just want to say to the other women who have posted on this thread at Biblicalwomanhood, it has been a blessing reading through your blogs. I wish I had unlimited time to read and gain from them all more!


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