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Monday, January 7, 2008

Money Making Monday!

This is part of Money Saving Mom's Monday posts - I thought I would join in this week!

The way I make extra $$ is to work one day a week outside the home and it is actually less time consuming than working from home!

I work as a contract worker for a company branch off from the company I used to work for years ago before I had children. I am in charge of the office filing system and I fill in for administrative assistant's vacations. I make a great hourly wage because working contract you have no benefits, thus the salary is higher than that of a company employee. It's a great return on my time invested.

The one day I work, my children are with my husband learning things from him and they also attend a nature class together which is part of our Charlotte Mason curriculum.

This is entrepreneurial! I considered what skills I had, and found a niche that I could fill in a company. I am self-employed, make my own hours, have tax deductions, continue to accumulate social security credits and only put in 8 hours a week. I have very little overhead, because I wear the same clothes I already own for church, I take my lunch with me and my husband keeps the children - so my only real expense is gas. I could pick up more hours whenever I want, but at this stage in our lives, the one day a week works out really well for us.

If you have administrative skills, you may consider doing something like this - companies are always looking for such talent.


  1. How did you get the word out? The company I work for is downsizing and there's a possiblity that I will lose my job. I have administrative and computer skills.


  2. Mom of 2 boys - I got the word out through friends - I emailed some of the other admins. I used to work with - networking with people you know is the best way I've found. I actually used to do another job similar to this one when I had only 1 child and I got it through talking with my friend from that previous company. Once you are working, you will find even more leads it seems. I think the key to my position is, it's not enough work to hire someone full-time or even part-time and they know me and trust me so it's a win-win.