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Friday, January 11, 2008

Tower of Buddies Soap - Total Cost $3.03!

I really wanted more Johnson's Buddies Soap since reading about it at Crystal's Blog - I had 1 coupon and got 1 bar and I love it! It lasts soooo much longer than the liquid soaps I've been using at $1 a bottle (cheapest I could find it) and the liquid has sodium laurel sulfate which I don't want my kids (or myself) using - and the Buddies soap doesn't have it! It smells great and it doesn't slip off the sink. The kids love the cloth covering and suds and they wash for a long time - so I know their hands are clean! These little soaps will save me quite a bit of money as I estimate we used about 5 bottles a month of the liquid and this 1 bar has lasted 2 weeks so far and has plenty left!

I went to The Coupon Clippers and bought all the coupons she had for $.15 a piece - each soap cost $1.04 - I had 11 coupons for $1 off - making it $.44 for 11 bars, $.94 tax and the price I paid for the coupons $1.65 = total $3.03 for 11 bars or $.28 each!! Buying coupons was a new thing for me, but in this case, it proved profitable!


  1. I just got your comment at my homeschool blog (educating Emme) while I was using the link that you put in your blog for Sort Floor Books! Thank you! I just got about a dozen new books (If you lived..., Winged Migration Jr. Edition, and Magic School Bus books!) for under 20 bucks! Woot! I am SO excited! We are tight for money, but the deal was just SO GOOD! I will just have to make dinner all week with stuff I can get with freebie coupons! haha


  2. Wow! I read through your bargain posts and can I say that I am sooooooooo jealous over the Burt's Bee's stuff! I never see it marked down where I live and Target is 1 1/2 hours away! You did such an awesome job!

  3. Congrats! I just joined SSS w/MMM & cannot wait to jump in on all the fun! I love to find deals. I took my 1 Johnson's buddies coupon all over my Super WalMart the other day & found the only thing they had was the bar soap hidden in the baby aisle, so I got it. I'm glad to hear it's good stuff!

    It was 0.97 at WM.