She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Need a visual to help teach your kids to...........

not get water on the floor in the bathroom?  Yikes  - can you say wood rot?  

Welcome to our next home project- our 2nd bathroom.  The previous owners had a leak in the shower and toilet and years of too much water staying on the floor = wood rot!  I am SO happy that DH is able to start on this project, as no matter how many times I cleaned, scrubbed or bleached this bathroom, the smell still lingered.  Taking out all the rot and replacing the subfloor will make a hugemongo difference!  Yeah!  It's a LOT of muscle and man power until that time when I will have a functioning bathroom again, so I will be practicing patience and contentment in the next few weeks or months.


  1. Oh, Peggy, I've been there! You'll love it when it's all done!


  2. that the bathroom we used when we were there? It looks crazy!! I hope it gets done real fast so you can have peace!! I'm sure with David doing it it will look great! So you haven't been doing the greem smoothie every day huh?!?! What's this you convert us then you drop out? JK...I know it has been a very stressful time...and tell me about it with the games. Em started softball and this week we had practice on Mon and games on Tues,Thurs, & Fri (But luckily the Fri game got cancelled!!) I DID NOT sign up for three - four games a week. Oh is really alot of fun watching! Talk to you later!

  3. By the way I made a fruit salsa in my Blend-Tek yummy!! I have used my blend-tek for several different things....I LOVE IT!! I have used it at least once a day since we got it!!
    I have also been meaning to ask you if you have ever froze your banans for the gs?? I do...I just peel them and put them in a freezer zip loc and they work great. They break apart real good and do not turn brown! Just thought you might like to know!! Later dude!!