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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tools of the Trade!

I HAD to blog about my wonderful new finds to help in the kitchen!  

I have always wanted some LeCreuset pieces, but at around $400 for a dutch oven, it wasn't happening.  

I started reading more about cookware and the effects on your health and I really wanted to get some enameled cast iron pieces.  I happened upon a company called Lodge - they have started making enamel cast iron pieces at a fraction of the price of LeCreuset!!  I called their company and asked about their quality and manufacturing and then ordered up a 3 quart from Amazon for a mere $39.99 (on sale from $79.99 on Amazon).  I LOVED it - used it for tons of stuff, so I just ordered the 6 qt. Dutch oven (waited until it went on sale for $39.99).  I made French Market Soup in it yesterday and it was delicious!   To top it off, they are so pretty in my kitchen!

I'm sold on Lodge cookware!!  

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  1. Peggy, I've got a google news alert set for anything dealing with cast iron cookware or dutch ovens. I came across your blog, and I, too, am a fan of Lodge.

    Hey, I wanted to invite you to a cast iron discussion group at

    Once you sign up, the list owner, Delia, will need to approve you. There's no screening or anything--she just wants to keep out spammers that the group has had in the past. I hope to see you at the Cast Iron discussion group.