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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Financial Shape in 2008! July Check-in

I'm just checking in with Money Saving Mom's Financial Shape updates for July!

We are going along pretty well in 2008!  I am MOST proud of myself for keeping up with my Excel spreadsheet and entering all expenses as they happen so I have a "real-time" picture of where our money goes.  It's tremendously helpful!!  

1. This month I applied our extra funds to our remodel.  We used a credit card with no fees and no interest for 12 months and I will pay it off ahead of schedule!  I am so happy about this.  Since we have never carried a credit card balance in 17 years of marriage, I was a bit leary about trying the no-interest card for 12 months, but it made it possible for us to buy the needed items at the Home Depot at a 70% discount!! We were able to buy real wood flooring for our entire home.  So far DH has completed our bedroom and our home gym.  He is now working on our 2nd bathroom.

2.  No matter how hard I try, I just can't reduce my grocery budget!  We only eat real, whole foods and we don't buy much meat and we eat lots of beans and plant based dishes, so I still can't figure out where the $$ goes!  I include toiletries in my grocery budget too, so maybe I'm not doing too bad?  We are a "grazing" family and I want to stay that way for health's sake - so much of my grocery money goes for convenience items of this nature (organic yogurt sticks, nutrition bars, raw nuts, etc.)  I guess I'm resigned to live with my budget where it is!

3.  I was over budget on clothes for the month, but when I average it out, it works out fine.  The kids all had a growth spurt and were in need of shoes and some new dress clothes. 

Overall I am happy with where we are in 2008.  I do feel proud that we are able to live below our means even in this economy.  I credit my husband's wise planning since day one of our marriage in the area of stewardship.  I have learned so much from him in this area of our lives and am thankful to be blessed with his leadership in this area.  


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