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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The "Stuff" Little Boys are Made Of..........

I just finished a marathon de-cluttering session in my boys' bedroom -whew! I'm actually sweating after this chore!  I had already worked a full 8+ hour day, so I began the job kind of tired.  Once I got de-cluttering, I got my second wind and went at it.  My boys were not home, so it made the job of getting rid of things much easier!  

As I cleaned feverishly, and started throwing things away, I stopped to see how many little "piles" of "stuff" my oldest boy had created - there were about 7 little stashes in all our homeschool bookcases - like a squirrel stashes nuts for the winter.  Truthfully, each pile looked like junk to me, but I know that he knows where every thing is and his system makes sense to him.  

Looking at his small "piles", that I usually become annoyed with, I stopped and started to cry. My little boy is going to be 10 soon and I can hardly believe it.  Time passes so quickly.  I prayed to God to give me patience and kindness and to see the "stuff" as he views it, little treasures, and to not get so caught up in how the room looks, but to just let him explore and collect and learn and grow. I am so thankful to God that I am able to spend time with him and watch him grow.  

After I thought for a while about my little guy, I took some things out of the trash and put them back - I simply couldn't throw away his stick gun, or paper clip invention, or the "snake thing" he built out of stuff he found after a baseball game the other day.  

I probably have less years left with him than he has lived with me already and I pray I will treasure every minute and learn to see the world through his eyes of wonder and put every memory away in my heart to hold on to forever.  I love you JS!!


  1. I just went through the same thing basically in my daughters bedroom, however, I found a way to help keep the clutter under control for a bit longer.

    A website that I shop at quite regularly has steel or cedar trunks in all different sizes and configurations. So I decided to get one of their large steel trunks with a tray and wheels to store some of my daughters stuff in. That thing is a godsend, now the cleanup is much easier as the stuff can be placed in the trunk and then either rolled into the closet or into the corner.

    Those trunks are great, best investment I ever made. The website is great too they have all kinds of products and give great service.

  2. I feel ya, sis! We are planning the same thing for our kids rooms, and need to work with them around the (very simple) storage system we have. We just need to give them reminders until they form the habit.

    As to the 10 thing, I can relate. Our oldest turned 10 last week, and I'm seeing the subtle shift in interests and behaviors, and I had a hard time, too (yes, there were tears, too!)

    He's a really great, really spiritual guy & I'm blessed to have invested the time & effort into him that I have, because I see the dividends everyday!

  3. OK, now I'm crying!! I so vividly remember the "piles" of "treasures" I used to find - in their rooms and often in their pants pockets! You are such a great Mom - and you are loads ahead of the game to realize that those "things" we want to trash are often important and precious to them! Love you,

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  5. Aww!

    I just popped over to your blog from A Merry Rose, and this post really hit home for me. Our oldest turns 10 next month, and we've really seen a lot of growing up in him this year. It's wonderful to see, and sad at the same time, isn't it?

  6. Hi Peggy,

    My youngest just turned 10! My oldest is (stand up straight -- almost!) as tall as me. It is quite an awakening to realize that their time with you is half over. I am reminded again that each day is a gift and I need to treasure each one.