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Monday, September 1, 2008

Nie Nie Inspiration!

I'm so happy that I learned about the Nielson family in the blog world. I have been inspired, renewed and recommitted to all that I already was committed to by reading the archives at Stephanie's blog. Sometimes you forget your focus because of all the pulls of the world! She reminded me of so many things that I try to accomplish daily in my family, and gave me new ideas, new things to try and a strong reminder to "live in the moment".  This post is showing some "Nie Nie" inspired things going on with me!

These are wall fans my 8 year old and I are making for her room when it gets remodeled soon!  Inspired by NieNie's post here.

These are my new red ankle strap peep-toes I have been looking for forever - even before reading NieNie Dialogues!  I had a pair when I was a little girl and I wore them every day - I found these yesterday on sale for $7 (reg. $50)- so I was thrilled!  They also match my cool new red polka-dot blouse and red fall coat from Forever 21!!  The ankle straps NieNie has can be found here (scroll to bottom of post).

Here is my $5 skirt from ROSS (regular $54)!  It makes me feel happy to wear it. I wear dresses and skirts on ordinary days while I teach my children and scrub toilets!  I like to wear pretty things!  Inspired by NieNie here.

And here is my beautiful retro apron my sweet husband bought me this weekend at a local street fair - handmade from Retrofit Aprons!  I have been looking for one for some time that is pretty and gives total coverage- it has big front pockets and no ties - you slip into it - LOOOVE it!  Inspired by NieNie here.


  1. Don't you get cold wearing skirts? I can do it when it's warm, but usually I freeze if I don't wear pants and socks.

  2. I just found your blog and was curious if you could share the directions on how you made the wall fans and how you plan to make them stick to the wall. Thanks!

  3. Oh, beautiful!!! You know I love wearing dresses -- fancy, old, new, plain, plus aprons for everyday work. It makes a girl feel so special!! I love your new apron. The skirt is beautiful!

    Can't wait to check out the site you've mentioned.