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Friday, October 31, 2008

Stuff is getting the better of me..........

I am on a major quest to downsize, declutter and make my life as simple as possible. Despite the fact I have been working non-stop all day today (a rainy Saturday) you can't tell anything is different.  It's amazing to me how much "stuff" can take out of you emotionally.  Going through it, deciding to keep it or give it away, throw it away, move it to another location, blah, blah, blah...........

I can't complain too much - I have made quite a dent!  I got rid of 1/2 of what was taking up space in my laundry room.  So much so that my DH is going to build me an office/desk in there as well - so that is exciting!  I am working on downsizing my pantry now.  Goodbye rice cooker (pan does just as good) goodbye silicon baking cups that flop around and make a mess!  Yes, I bought them because they were about $2 at Crate & Barrel, but they are pretty much useless and probably toxic to boot!  Goodbye to anything that doesn't serve an immediate purpose or bring me immense joy!  

I am NO longer buying things because:
1. It's on sale --too good of a sale to pass up.
2.  To stock up b/c it's such a good price.
3.  To have "on hand" b/c you never know when you will need it.
4.  To stock up on food because it is free or almost free (I don't care if I never see another box of Cheerios again after this summer's stock up!!)

I am ONLY buying things if:
1.  I NEED IT!  So, I shouldn't be making many purchases then because I pretty much have everything I need!  My grocery bill should go down drastically if I follow this to a logical conclusion! 
2.  I LOVE IT!  This is my new rule in every area - I'm especially applying it to my wardrobe. I'd rather have a few classic, tailored pieces that look good on me, than 15 $3 Target shirts (whoops, just told on myself there!)

The road to a simple life is a hard one - it's a lot of work to get there- but I'm not going to stop until I do!!!


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