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Friday, May 8, 2009

How did I get here?

We love the Biggest Loser! It's our favorite, not-to-be missed family show! We don't have cable, but we can watch BL in full episode on the Internet one week later. We project it from DH's laptop onto the big screen for a fun family night. I am always amazed at the emotional journey these people take, all the tears, time lost, why did I let myself get this way regret.

I started working out again, and I feel like these people! I could just cry for letting myself get so out of shape! Two years ago I was running, going to the gym for Turbo Jam class at 6am, rotating yoga and pilates - I even did a round of P90X with Tony Horton. Then, one day, I felt like I didn't' have time and missed the gym. Another day I was busy and missed my walking. Another day I wanted to sleep in and missed Turbo Jam, and slowly, over time, it snuck up on me - out-of-shapeness!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!

Now I have to start back at ground zero, square one, the beginning - and it's hard! I have to re-motivate myself and try to fit back into my pants - it ain't easy. There is no easy way to health and fitness. It is a day-in-day-out, consistent, intentional plan that leads to good health and wellness. No shortcuts. Isn't it the same in our spiritual lives?

If we don't stay in the Word, our spiritual muscles will become weak. We won't be ready to guard against the devil and his sneaky ways.
(Pr 4:23) We won't be ready to help others come to the knowledge. We are too busy, too tired, too involved, mother to many, someone with responsibilities (Mk. 4:19). But our first responsibility is to our Creator always in any circumstance.

God help me to make it a priority to study your Word daily,
(II Tim. 2:15), pray daily, (I Thess. 5:17) think on spiritual matters, (Prov. 23:7) and lay up for myself treasures in Heaven (Matt. 6:20). Day by day give me your Word so that I may stay strong in the Faith! Without it, nothing else matters.

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  1. So true, Peggy. I think it is a struggle to wear all the hats we wear and be so much to so many people. So many times we / people run out of time to read their Bible because their time is taken up with daily life things. If only we could all read the Bible first and meditate on that before daily life gets in the way and sucks all of the time from each day. My husband recently preached a sermon which pointed out how we rarely miss a meal, eating 3 to 4 maybe even 5 times a day, but how many spiritual meals do we eat per day? It is so hard to focus on spiritual things with this busy world we live in ... and so much harder to instill this knowledge in our children. What an awesome responsibility!

    Anyway, I appreciate all of your comments and agree whole heartedly.

    Thanks for taking the time to share!