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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mad Scientists at Work!

We delved into dissection with a worm and crayfish today. It was interesting! I have some serious students and one class clown - see if you can tell which one is the clown!
Learning biology
Looking for organs
Mouthparts of the crayfish
Appendages (great vocabulary word!) of crayfish
My son got a little hungry before lunch
How do you like the gas mask? I don't think any fumes are getting through that thing! Mr. Serious!
You guessed it - here's the class clown!
On top of all this, I just pulled a DS game out of the toilet. I think I've had my fill of gross for today.


  1. Oh wooow! I dissected a frog when I was in middle school, and a pig when I was in high school. Sooooo gross!

  2. I loved middle school science- dissection days were the best! However, I admit, in my old age I think I am more sensitive to "gross" I couldn't really look at these pictures :)