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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There are even deals at REI!!

I was with the husband tonight at REI picking out our sleeping bags for this summer's backpacking trip (insert scared face here - I have never had to use the restroom in the woods before and it terrifies me) and after Maggie & I looked at the clearance clothes 4 times, we started scanning jewelry to see if by chance anything was marked down. This is a fun game to play at stores and you may be surprised what you find! Cha-ching! Deals, deals every where! I think we will feel very stylish in the woods this summer even if we smell.

We got this super cool bracelet for $.83 (was $25)
We also got a Prana Tagua bracelet for $.83 (was $30!!!) similar to the one below.
And a "Life is Good" necklace similar to this one below for $3.50 (regular $30!!). I love the Life is Good line. There is a purse I would love to have as well.

Give me a sun hat, SPF 30+shirt and some bug spray and I'm ready to play nature girl down to my jewelry!


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