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Monday, May 17, 2010

Anthro Sale Scope Out!

I ran to Anthro on my lunch - it appeared they were forming sale racks by taking select items off the regular racks and placing them all together. While I was in the fitting room the SA's were talking about all the markdowns tomorrow and how several of them had to work to man the sale. They said all markdowns would be complete and on the floor by opening. These are the items that I saw on the rack so far (but there is no guarantee these will be marked down - it just APPEARED they were creating a sale rack):

Rhomboid Rush Dress
Silver Lining Dress
Rising Vapor Dress
Beda Dress
Flipside Blazer
Elevated Eyelet Blazer
Puckerd Eyelet Blazer
Apple Mangrove Cardi
Mermaid Lore Cardi

I don't have time to link them - just wanted to get the word out!


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