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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 6 - Keep Your Money May Expenses

Today I had to buy some food - my children were begging for fruit! How pitiful is that? My house that is typically over flowing with fruit but I am buying less and trying to making things stretch. So I had to stop for some fruit and a few perishables.

Safeway $10.60
Trader Joes $20.51
Farmers Market Unpasteurized Almonds to dehydrate $20 for 5 pounds (ouch) did you know almonds have to be soaked and dehydrated to release their nutritional benefits?
Total Spent $51.11

It's pretty hard to spend next to nothing on food..........I seriously do NOT know what the people eat who write blogs and spend $200 a month!! My grocery budget is one area where I really try to make the most of our food - organic, grass-fed, free-range, preservative free, fresh. I always make an effort to buy on sale, etc. but let's face it - eating healthy is more costly than eating junk. I think I'm going to try the organic delivery box soon. Pay for it now or pay for it later in the form of medicine and doctor visits! Looks like some good tips are to be found over at Simple Mom on the subject!
So anyone want to chime in?? What do you spend on groceries? Do you think buying organic and fresh is worth the investment?


  1. grocery bill is always huge! If food wasn't a requirement we could take multiple vacations, have a new house and new cars...all with the money I spend at the market. ;) With 4 boys and a husband it is really hard to even keep food in the house. Thank God though that we are able to have the food and that they are all healthy! :)

  2. Grocery bills are ALWAYS huge! And you are so right in that it is much more costly to eat healthy than to buy junk, which is unfortunate. And the worst part is that fruits and veggies are perishable too! UGHHHH!

  3. Grocery bills are the worst...and I don't even buy organic, or farm raised or any of that. I have two suggestions:
    1. If you don't already do it, make a dinner menu each week. It can be tedious, but it definitely helps curb impulse buying.
    2. Cut coupons and use grocery store sale fliers to pick what goes on the menu.

    Good luck and hope that helps!

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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  4. I got so many requests for our grocery budget after my money spend post that I think I'm going to do a write up of a typical month for our expenses. I used to be a vegetarian for many years and now only eat chicken and turkey and fish. We don't do quite as much free-range or organic as we would if we had unlimited funds but the most important thing to me is that we're at least eating plenty of produce and healthy foods. There is very little produce though that I will buy from the grocery store or even trader joes (they have good prices for some things but you are also paying a premium for much of the rest). Most of our produce either comes fresh from local sources or by the case (most common). We rarely eat out (not even once a month) and for the two of us to have breakfast, lunch (we always pack lunches for work) and dinner we run anywhere from $100-$200 a month depending on how gourmet the meals are. Not counted in that would be pantry stock-ups that I do once every 3-4 months. If I do the pantry stock-ups effectively we run closer to the $100 a month. Pantry stocks run me about $100-$200 every 3-4 months though so you would have to add that onto our monthly total.

  5. FFM- wow, 4 boys and a hubby! I have 2 boys, a girl and a hubby and the kids are always hungry! Hollow legs! You are right though, thank God we have the means to feed them and keep them growing and healthy!

    Amy- I'm racing against the clock with my veggies as we speak! Trying to come up with things to eat before they go bad!

    Melanie - I have got to get back to making those menus like you suggest - it does make a huge difference! I try to use coupons and the store ads/loss leaders to plan the menus to maximize savings. And I hope I win your skirt!!

    MrsLifeAccounts - I'm going to give a try for the local organic delivery box. I'm happy to hear you use it!

  6. Peggy - we do pretty good with our money and groceries. It may not be fancy or up-to-date, but this is how the Jensens do groceries:

    1. We don't buy from the organic section (too expensive, but I don't believe we eat "junk" either).

    2. We keep it very simple, and we very seldom throw any food away - even the tiniest amount can be saved.

    3. We make most of our things from scratch - even bread.

    4. Our motto is, "if we're out, we're out" - and we find something else.

    5. Sometimes one of my girls will say, "What's for dinner (or lunch)?" - and once or twice a week I say "This & That" - meaning all the little bits that we didn't/couldn't eat earlier.

    It really helps not having picky eaters (Not that they LIKE everything - they just don't complain outloud!).

    Good for you for trying so hard to stretch those dollars!