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Monday, May 31, 2010

Keep Your Money May comes to and end!

Well, I made it! I didn't buy a stitch of clothing all month and lived to tell the tale! There were many temptations - the big Anthro sale, shopping with friends, a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale............and I resisted them all! I feel good at the end of my no-spend month and I feel empowered!

All together I ended up spending around $300 - all for food. I didn't count the expense of our vacation as it was pre-planned a year ago. So, all in all, we did good! We ate through the pantry and the freezer and fridge!

What I learned by doing this exercise:

1. I will only buy clothes I love from now on! It doesn't matter if they are on sale or not - if I love it, I give myself permission to buy it! I won't buy things because another blogger loved it, or every blogger is getting it, but I will buy what I truly love and is truly my style!

2. I will plan out my meals and buy only what is needed for the week! No more stock-piling items. Get the good, quality food I need to make meals for 7 days and make a plan! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

3. Whatever I need or want, will always be there! In one form or another there is always a sale or a "must-have" item just waiting around the next corner! I don't want to get caught up in the "it's the last one" or "it will be gone" mentality!

4. I will try to "consume" less. I really want to work on this one. I don't just want to keep buying and buying and always be on the lookout for "the next great thing". It's exhausting to me. A lot of energy is zapped out of me by always living in the "want" phase. I want to keep my long-term goals in the fore-front of my mind each time I go to make a purchase!

5. I would rather invest in less quantity to get good quality items. For example, I need to spend some $$ on good skin care for one, instead of settling for the $5 Target stuff. This face has to last me a while longer I hope!

6. Comparison is the death of contentment! Don't compare myself to anyone else! I could never keep up with the monthly purchases of many of my friends. I can't have a new outfit every day in my OOTD posts and that's OK! I realize everything is relative and for me I know my limits and want to stay within them.

7. Be thankful for what I have and realize how very little you actually "need" in this life. God has blessed abundantly. I want to be daily thankful for His provision!


  1. I love this post. Sometimes I feel bad because I don't buy something on sale, but "sale" has a way of messing up a budget especially when there is "sale" every time you turn around!
    great job, I'm proud of you :)

  2. I am SUPER impressed that you did it!!! I know I would have been a big ole cheater pants, myself. You are so very right though, and I'm glad the experience empowered you and reconfirmed priorities. Can't wait to hear what your first purchase is in June ;)

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  4. I was waiting for your end of May recap - congrats on successfully completely a month with only buying the necessities.

    I agree with Jan and Spiffy - doing something like this really helps to define the things you do need to spend $ on vs. the things you don't.

    I commend you and your fam, especially since I don't know if I could've done it!

  5. You are inspiring that you made it!!! I am really impressed with your dedication and for all of the insights you shared!

  6. You achieved great insight from your month of minimalist spending--I am SERIOUSLY working on this too! Alot of my outfits lately have been closet creations--and I feel GOOD about that!!!

  7. What great advice, I certainly need to take note of this. I need to go on a No-Buy and your tips will certainly help me.

  8. I'm so happy for you and your family for completing this challenge! I don't know if I can pull it off but you truly are an inspiration. I am slowly working on the points you made here to take better care of my finances and focus on what REALLY is important in life. :-)