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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Help me decide!

I went to the Anthro sale and these are my wishes- I can't have them all so please help me decide!! If you have any of these, or love them or find you get a lot of use out of a certain item, please share with me! Thanks.

Dewbud in Aqua

Free Flow in Navy

Recital Cardi in White

Cherry Juice Heels

Deeply Rooted in Beet Print

Femme Diversion Tunic
Billiards Hall Henley in White

I also like the chambray pencil skirt with buttons but couldn't find a picture of it online.



  1. Oooooh so many choice!!! I guess you could order them all (free shipping!) and then decide! Strike that! I really LOVE the cherry juice heels and am SO GLAD I got them. I also am SO excited about the Deep Rooted henley. I think you need to decide what you will wear the most and what you "need" the most. I don't think you would be dissapointed with anything from that list!

  2. Ooh, lots of good choices here. I kind of agree with Tricia - what pieces would work best with stuff you already have (good layering pieces for cardis?) and your lifestyle. I hope you get the Deeply Rooted top - me so likey!

  3. I vote for the Cherry Juice Heels and the Free Flow Tank. I don't have either (will have the heels soon), but love how they look!

  4. heels and tunic are my vote

  5. I really like the Dewbud,the Free Flow and Femme Diversion Tunic. I think they would look good on you! However my top choice would be the Dewbud. :D

    Good luck on Choosing.


  6. My vote is for either the Femme Diversion Tunic...I think it would look really great on you! :)

  7. ohhhh Gosh--I can't help I'm not an Anthro fan--none of these make me swoon! Shoes are kinda cute!

  8. Those are all great picks, I can see why you're having a hard time. I like the free flow tank and cherry juics heels the best. I don't own any of them but I think they are great pieces to add to a wardrobe. The tank is so lovely and would be great year round; by itself in the summer and layered with a cardi for the cooler months. And the heels are going to add a 'pop' to any outfit. Just my two cents!

  9. I keep on thinking about the Cherry Juice Heels and the Scalloped Sailor skirt (right?) so these are my picks. I think the Femme Diversion Tunic would look great on you, too!