She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Monday, June 21, 2010

OOTD - Blue Cheetah!

I got both of these at the Loft - extra 40% off markdown! I love going into the Loft because I know Debye works there and she always has such great modest stylings on her blog!

Dress: Loft
Cardi: Loft

Necklace: Erica Lyons

Shoes: Zac & Zoe for Payless

These are my "Banana Republic-like" sandals in natural!


  1. CUTE!!! I love it!! You look so chic!

  2. WHERE! did you get those sandals? I love the blue leopard/cheetah look. I just bought some scrapbook paper in that print to do fun stuff with. And I LOVE me so Loft too. I have one within walking distance of my house. Scary and dangerous!

  3. Thanks Tricia!
    Janna, I got them at Payless!! They are part of that Zac & Zoe eco-friendly line! I love them!! Oh a Loft within walking distance - yikes!

  4. I love that neckless and those shoes! So cute! And I'm glad your hubby's bday party was a success. You looked so cute in that liberty of london dress.

  5. Love the blue, it's such a gorgeous color!
    And I am really loving those shoes! Can't believe they're Payless! Guess I may have to go in there :)

  6. Thanks Jessica! It seemed like a good party dress!

    Thanks Andi! They were only $29 full price!