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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What was up with these 2 Anthro shirts?

I was soooo disappointed today when my friend and I went jetting off to Anthro for these two shirts and they both fit so weird! They were lovely on the rack but this one, Climbing Cowlneck, had so much fabric hanging down in the back. Even when I sized down, still excess fabric. I know I have seen some of you wearing it and it looks great, so what am I doing wrong? It fit the same on my friend.
The Buds & Bunches tank fit badly too - even when I sized down the straps were way too long and it just hung. I wonder if I could have the straps shortened? Wow, so sad, these were both on my wishlist for a long time!


  1. The Climbing Cowlneck was a total disaster on me too, how disappointing! I'm glad you mentioned the fit of the Buds and Bunches too because I was tempted to order that one, now I know to resist - bummer!

  2. Sorry it fit so badly!!! I love that tank sometimes I think different 'batches' of clothing fits differently because I tried on the country manor top (grey with airplanes) like 3 times till I found one that fit right!?

  3. Too bad! I haven't received mine yet so I hope I don't have the same prob. I bet you could have them shortened though.

  4. the climbing cowlneck does fit a bit odd- I have it in an xs and I feel like the arm holes are huge!
    I ordered that tank today! I'll let you know how I do, I ordered an xs but I'm betting if the straps are long it will be a return.. bummer!