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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet my Shopping Sensei!

I bet you all have wondered where I learned to wield a markdown rack.

Well, it started a long, long time ago as I watched and studied and learned from my Shopping Sensei. As a little child, I would watch her hit the mall stores- the most expensive ones and head straight to the back to the markdown rack. She would emerge with bags full of top name brand clothing at Wal-Mart prices (or better!) "That's no joke" (as my french Aunt Sue used to say)! Below is a photo of her in her 75% off Target dress (that I sent her actually because now she lives miles away from civilization).

Meet my Sister, Jackie, my Shopping Sensei! Back in the day, I learned the best tricks from her! She is 7 years my senior, so really, she was like my second mom! We have had lots of fun shopping together, but it was oh, so many moons ago. How I wish we lived closer. We would be an unstoppable shopping force to reckon with!

My teacher and sister Jackie (took this pic off a text message on my phone and couldn't get it any larger!)
And my pic when I wore the same outfit - we are twinsies! Look, we even chose the same belt, 2,000 miles apart!
My sister has always been on a budget, but I promise, she can put an outfit together like none other. She would pair a Gap item with a Wal-Mart item or a vintage necklace and look like a million bucks. She has always known how to accessorize to perfection- not to much and not too little.

I would say that I learned to always try to look feminine and "put-together" when you go out first, from my Mother, then secondly from my sister. (My mom doesn't even take a walk without lipstick - consequently, my lipstick is with me at all times!)

Thanks Sis, for leading by example in what it means to "work your style on a budget"!

P.S. I finally scored these Liberty of London PJ's for $5 today!! (Along with dress pants for my boys for church for $3.24 a pair! They needed them!)

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  1. How fun to have a partner in crime! Just emailed ya, by the way! =)