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Monday, September 20, 2010

My take at the Miche Bag Party!

I hosted a Miche Bag Party yesterday! It was so fun just to have my girlfriends over, chat, try on purses and eat healthy snacks! I really thought I would be buying the small Miche, but I carry TOO MUCH STUFF!! So I went with the big bag! I love it! I just love the idea of keeping everything in my purse the same but changing the look! Awesome! Because I hosted the party, I got some hostess rewards, so I ended up getting my bag for free and each of my shells at 50% off!

I also put the organizer from my Butler Bag into my Miche. I think this is the perfect blend of two handbag worlds as I can't live without my Butler Bag organization- at a glance I can see every single item in my purse. But, I was getting tired of my coffee colored leather bag and wanted to be able to change the bag style from time to time.

I chose the Lacy (faux ostrich skin) and black patent
Danielle tapestry and faux leather accents


  1. Cute! I'm glad it was a success!

  2. I've never heard of this party! It sounds like fun! Great bag. It looks nice and roomy.

  3. Cute bags! You scored some good ones! It's always so fun to get together with girlfriends!!