She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Thursday, December 2, 2010

OOTD-Lotta Layerin' Going On!

I did this outfit to take part in Lisa's upcoming Respect the Outfits, Jcrew. I don't own a lot of Jcrew, but I have gotten my use out of this tiered ruffle cardigan for sure.

Dress: Max & Sam via ROSS
Cardi: Jcrew Tiered Ruffle Cardigan
2nd Cardi: Target Merona
Boots: Sears
Here I am posing like a Jcrew model. What is up with that? Me and the kids always crack up at their crazy hair, half-tucked shirts and pigeon toe stance.
Day one of our Countdown to Christmas calendar! This was today's prize!


  1. Lovin your J Crew poses and you look nice and cozy. Cute sweater!

  2. LOL on the jcrew pose! You are rockin that cardi. I have the same one and it is so cute on you!

  3. Hahahaahah, I love your J.Crew pose! They DO always look so whacked out -- I remember just a few years ago when they'd be in perfectly normal poses! What happened?!

  4. Loving the second pic! haha. The hair is great!