She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Thursday, February 17, 2011

OOTD- Remix Seventeen!

I did a quick study of my last 16 outfits to make sure I wasn't repeating anything! It is still a monsoon out today, so I have on my fuzzy slippers. If I leave the house, I will wear my regulation 30 for 30 shoes!

Shirt: Anthro Showpiece Tee
Cardi: Anthro Plaza Cardi knock off via Ross
Jeans: ON Sweetheart
Slippers: Ross
day 17


  1. You really have cute clothes...very stylish! I like all the different ways you style them!

  2. I love that you took pictures in your slippers and labeled where you got them. You're cute. :)

    That bright pink is SUPER gorgeous on you!

  3. That color looks great on you! And I love the slippers!!

  4. Cute slippers, you look so cozy today. That cardi doesn't look any different than the real thing.

  5. Loving that cardi!!
    Laughing at your slippers because when I came home after running errands, I put mine on too and have been wearing them all day with my tights and dress no less! LOL

  6. This sweater looks so warm and snuggly on a dreary day like we're having around here. Love the Tee, color & embellishments :) The fuzzy slippers are actually pretty cute too.

  7. I love this cardi on you! Looks awesome! You know, you commented a day or so ago about missing your shoe assortment? I feel the same way. I think I could live with limited clothing choices, but I need a few more shoe picks! I am starting to get tired of the ones in my remix! Love your slippers tho!!!!!

  8. I can't believe you found your cardi at Ross -- it certainly is Anthro-esque. The creamy ivory color contrasts so nicely with the bright red of your tee. Very cute!

  9. I love this look, SAHM chic. The slippers are adorable and I bet so cmfortable, all you need is a big cup of coffee, LOL!!!