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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Old Navy and Organizing!

Did anyone go to the Old Navy buy 2 get 1 free sale for the 4th? I had a $10 gift card plus a $10 coupon, so I stopped by. I was thrilled to find these ruffle henleys on a low markdown of $7.99 each. I already have the white one and am using it quite a bit as seen HERE and HERE. After getting these 3 shirts AND making a donation to our Troops, I still only paid $1.00 per shirt!! Whoot! These make great layering pieces under cardigans because no sleeves to bunch up under the cardi.
I have been wanting to organize my jewelry for a while now. I saw these little gadgets today at Ross and thought I'd give them a try. "Bling-Eez" - makes your Bling easy to find!
This is how it turned out. Now I can see all my pretty necklaces at a glance!
Ugh- my IKEA shoe bin is a disaster. I have to dig through shoes and crawl under my bed -no fun! I made it my mission today to organize these shoes!
Ross again! They had this shoe rack - now I can see all my shoes at a glance. Getting dressed is going to be soooo much easier tomorrow with everything in site.

My next want - Joy Mangano hangers to do my clothing!!


  1. Wow, you've been busy!  All of your necklaces look so pretty.  I need to do some organizing too:)  Great deal on those tops!

  2. I've been so slack on commenting, but I have been reading! I stopped into Old Navy while they were having this sale, but it was crazy in the downtown store, so I didn't stick around long enough to take advantage of it. Love these henleys, though! Good find!

  3. Hey, Target has their version of those hangers and they are just as good, imo, and CHEAPER!!

  4. I love your organizing, and great deals with the shirts.

  5. Your necklace organizer is perfect. I so desperately need to do the same.  Do they just stick to the wall?

  6. I love these ruffled henleys!!  And what a great price.  Also love your new shoe storage.  I'm always trying to find a better way to organize my shoes!