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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little help from my friends??

Hey ladies! Just asking a favor if you are a Missoni for Target fan and you are checking stores for return items-can you keep an eye out for this sweater in medium? I know it is a long shot. Thanks!
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  1. I love this sweater. I'll be checking! I bought a few things from the collection, but this was not one of them! Let me know if you're looking for any other pieces! 

  2. Aww still no luck? I returned lots of stuff today but didn't get to look around since we were on our way to a party. Maybe other ppl are returning stuff too :) Going to do some shopping tomorrow though so I'll check :)

  3. I returned some stuff to my Target today, but no signs of that awesome sweater.  There were some random skirts.