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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giveaway - Lotus Sanitizing Machine by Tersano!

If you know me, you know I hate germs! Hate em - yep, have a bit of a phobia. So imagine my delight, when I heard of a product that removes all germs and pesticides from produce AND produces a solution to sanitize your home using only water?? Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?? But it's not!

It's the Lotus from the Tersano Company!

I learned about this incredible invention from my guru, Robyn, at Green Smoothie Girl. I attended a webinar on the product and then I did some Google research and I was sold! I have had mine now for over a month and I use it daily - seriously - just like my Vitamix and Juicer, this is a kitchen appliance I use every day.

After going to the farmer's market each week, I come home and wash all my fruits and veggies. It gives me such peace of mind. Buying organic lessens the pesticide content, but you still have to contend with bacteria in fertilizers. This wipes away all worry. Recently we were in Colorado when they had the cantaloupe listeria outbreak-scary. If you had the Lotus, you would simply clean your produce in a 4 minute cycle, killing any bacteria that might be on it. That isn't all it removes, it removes pesticides as well! I like to buy organic, but can't afford it for all produce, so now I can wash away the pesticides off my conventional produce. WIN-WIN! Another plus, the oxygenating lengthens the shelf-life of your produce. It lasts much longer than plain water washing alone.

Now on to the machine's second super power- housecleaning! You have got to take the time to watch the two videos below - seeing is believing and testing shows the proof. Lotus oxygenates the water "supercharging" it for cleaning. All you need is the sprayer and a cloth and your entire house can be cleaned without chemicals. I will admit, at first, this seemed so strange to me - cleaning with water only? No good smell, no bleach or chemicals to disinfect? Then I noticed how nicely just the supercharged water cleaned- my counters were spotless, my greasy stove came clean, my bathroom sinks and toilets shine. It even kills mold and mildew around the windows that I used to have to use Tilex to kill! TOXIC!

Another thing I use it for it stain removal on clothing. My daughter spilled hot chocolate on her white top on the way to church one day - we went back inside, I charged up the water and sprayed the stain gone - no chemicals! It even took out a set stain on my husband's dress pants- didn't completely remove it, but it went from bright red, to a stain you had to really look for to find!

You HAVE to watch this video of the Lotus in action on Rachel Ray!

Also check out this link to a Fox news before and after test they ran! AMAZING!!!

So now that you know all the amazing things the Lotus can do for your and your family, don't you want one? Well the generous folks at Tersano is making it possible for one lucky She Hath Done What She Could reader to own a Lotus Sanitizing System of their own! Germs be gone!

Giveaway entry rules:
1. View the Tersano company website and check out all their great products!
2. "Like" Tersano on Facebook or "Follow" Tersano on Twitter.
3. Leave a comment here telling me you have done the first 2 items and why you would like to win the Lotus- one entry only per person please!

Retail value of the prize is $249! Winner will be chosen by on November 1st! Good luck and get ready to say goodbye to germs right as the cold and flu season is coming upon us!


  1. How cool is this? I never heard of it until now! I checked out the site and following on twitter. I'd love to win!!
    Thanks Peggy!

  2. Natural cleaner are always the best! with oxygen! May need to look into purchasing a system for my parents....

  3. I viewed the website and "liked" their Facebook. I watched the video too!! So cool! I would LOVE to win this!!

  4. oopss....sorry wrong post :(

  5. Please enter me in the giveaway! I liked on FB and also went on the website! I think it's a great alternative to buying organic!

  6. I need this to clean produce. I'm a poor college student and organic food is too expensive! I follow them on twitter and checked out their website!

  7. Yay, you finally got one! Did your friend find it locally or out of state? I still look whenever I go to Target but it's mostly girls' clothing, black pumps, and cami sets! I did end up returning EVERY single thing I bought, except for the set of note cards! LOL!

  8. Viewed the site and liked them on FB! We have a lot of allergies/sickness the past few yrs and  I am slowly trying to switch everything to organic and *green* for my 2 boys- would LOVE the Lotus for our family!

  9. Oh my goodness!  How cool is the Lotus?  Just yesterday, I was cutting up an orange for my son's lunch and even though I washed the outside skin, I was still thinking "I wonder if it's clean enough?" The lotus system seems like an answer to all of those worries!  Thanks for sharing the info, Peggy. I liked Lotus on FB and also checked out their website. :)

  10. Wow!  How have I never seen this thing before?!  I'm following Tersano now on Twitter.  I'd love to win one because I love the idea of sanitizing my countertops without a bunch of chemicals.

  11. I checked out the website and LOVE it!  I just went to a Norwex party and spent waaaay too much money on items that you only use water to clean with.  I LOVE the idea of only using water to clean with!  Pick me pick me!!!!:)  I liked them on FB and think I really need this system!


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  13. Oh, and I did view the website and "liked" them on facebook!

  14. I have 3 BOYS, and things can get downright dirty. I'm all about anything that can do all that cleaning in a nontoxic way. Also, I have a GIRL on the way. She needs some cleanliness since she's about to be born into a family with 3 older brothers. I have seen this product in action, and am loving it. Can't wait to get one, but hopefully, I'll win this one for FREE!