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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fashion Crossroads......Have You Been There?

Hello blog friends! I miss you all and reading your blogs! I just have NO time for blogging these days!

Since the start of the school year, we have been busy schooling, playing soccer, attending tournaments, attending gospel gatherings, and visiting family and friends. We are busy, but a good busy that I want to etch in my brain - all these wonderful times with our children are so precious!

As a result, I just really could care less about dressing up and snapping my pic each day. Crazy I know. Can't even believe I am saying it myself. Of course I get dressed and go about my day, but lately I can't stand wearing heels. They kill my feet. After the last 2 years of wearing heels or wedges most days, I can't bear the thought of them. Boots are great and now I'm dreaming about a pair of Toms because they are so comfy! I just want to be comfortable! I have too much to accomplish each day to spend any minute of it adjusting my shirt, or re-tucking something.

And guess what happened today? I went to an outlet mall - Jcrew, Cole Hann, Banana, and I could have cared less. Couldn't even find a thing I like. Couldn't wait to get out of there! Someone take my temperature! Along these same lines, I don't even like some of the outfits I loved last winter -what's up with that? I guess I am writing this all to say, does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Miss you all and thanks to Diann for the kind note she sent me saying she missed my blog!


  1. I feel like that a lot of time! Honestly, I blog about my life. I LOVE blogging. I don't want to give it up. I love to blog my outfits (sometimes) but other times I'm just not that into it. If I feel like it I post it, if I don't feel like it then I don't. Easy Peasy!!! I don't wear uncomfortable clothes for the sake of the blog. I just get dressed like I always would. I'm a SAHM & comfy is my thing.

    Take a break if you need it....change your blogging style if you feel like it. Do what you can & what make YOU happy :)

  2. Oh Peggy! It sounds like you may be....a....woman!!! *screeching scream* LOL 
    Okay, in all seriousness though, I feel you on this (or some of it anyway--can't give up my heels for now). Taking pics of what i'm wearing every day and posting, quickly became a monotonous chore to me. For now, blogging for me is a one to three time a week thing. That's what I'm happy with and that's what I can do.
    As far as the fashion thing goes, I think it's great that we can change our minds about what we do and don't like--and I think it's completely normal.
    Thanks for being real:-) 

  3. BEEN THERE!  I go through cycles where I don't feel like shopping or getting all made up.  It's human and it's okay!  I also go through phases when I look in my closet and think, "what was I thinking??" and just want to start fresh.  I feel like I'm going through that right now.  I've barely been inside an Anthro this month and when I have, I walk out empty handed.  That being said, I'm more interested in JCrew again and have been spending more time on ebay buying pieces that are classic that I missed out on years ago.  

    I hope all is well and that you get back to posting when you're ready!  I miss your good humor and insight!

  4. Hey, I get it.  I've actually been hanging out a lot in my sweatpants, t-shirts, and running shoes, although I think I could still find some things I like at a BR or Cole Haan outlet. ;)

  5. Hi Peggy!  I've been worried about you.  I've been on a blogging hiatus too since school started.  I love blogging so much but in the end it's a luxury and when I'm counting minutes it gets scratched. Nothing wrong with that. :) 

    I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Pam@Over50feeling40October 3, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    Peggy, take it from this empty nester, enjoy each moment and day with your goes by way too fast.  Blogging will be there for you after they grow and go to college.  I really miss my children every day.  Enjoy it and never apologize for spending more time with your kids...they need you!

  7. i think it is the season of life you are in
    spend time with those kiddos because they will be gone in a blink
    maybe should go on hiatus until thr fist of the year and then see how you feel

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  8. Life totally comes first! Have a WONDERFUL Christmas! God bless!