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Monday, January 2, 2012

OOTD-Poncho Joe!

When I was in college, our group of friends called ourselves "The Tribe" and we were each assigned an indian name. My name was Poncho Joe because at the time I was crazy over a boy named Joe! Silly girls! We had so, so, so much fun in college. What great times!

Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Poncho: Calvin Klein via Ross- retail $138, I paid $14
Jeans: Cabi Classic LouLou
Boots: Steve Madden Madden Girl via Ross
Necklace: Anthro - gift!
Bracelet: Handmade by my hubby
I had been wanting a poncho since fall began and I was super happy to find this high quality Calvin Klein poncho at Ross. I am also indebted to my niece, KK, for this fox shirt! I had looked high and low for it when it was in stores, and never found it. When I went to visit her family for Thanksgiving Palooza, it was hanging in her closet in the room where I was sleeping. I gasped. When we picked her up from school that day I asked her if I could buy it and she said, "Oh you can just have it"!!! I was beyond excited and I've worn it a million times since then. Thanks KK!!

Look closely, the fox is wearing a scarf! I love this quirky animal stuff!

My "Happiness Project" has begun! This month I'm focusing on Energy - any way you can gain it. This is my plan:
1. exercise daily
2. eat healthy food options
3. get to bed a good time
4. get up early
5. take my greens and supplements
6. tackle a dreaded project and get it behind me
7. think positively, stay away from negative people, don't complain

I plan to chronicle my progress via the blog. I'm off to a good start. Hubby and I have hiked 3 days in a row and I walked several miles this morning. All the candy is out of my house and I made egg white omelets this morning.


  1. That is an adorable top!  How nice of your niece:)  I love the necklace too.

  2. I love that outfit!  The necklace really sets it off.

  3.  cute look and good luck on the happiness project

  4. How lucky you are to have such a sweet niece, Poncho Joe!  I love how you've paired the foxes.  :)

  5. You look fantastic - and congrats on starting off a new year with a healthier, happier you!

  6. Pam@Over50feeling40October 3, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    Well, Poncho Joe, you look pretty cute and much more like an Indian Princess!!  I love your necklace and top!  I also like you list and have all of those things on  my personal energy list!

  7. I love that top!  The little foxes are too cute.  Great job on the start of the Happiness Project.  So excited to follow along.