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Monday, November 26, 2007

Free New Stuff!!

Love the local kids consignment store! We take our used clothing and toys (still in good condition of course) and get new free stuff! Today I scored with a brand new in box HABA game Smuggler's Island - it's a European company - super well made game - you can see it here

I found DD a Gap sweater for $2.95 and get this - Oilily pants for $9.95! We also bought an Anastasia video my kids have been asking for for a few months - so with my store credit - I paid $15 cash for all of the stuff! Oilily pants retail from $95-$125 a pair! I was so excited!!

Now I'm going to raid the kids closets for more stuff to get rid of so I can go buy a few more cool HABA games!!


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