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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Good deals in Safeway Sunday flyer

I found some great deals in the Sunday flyer for Safeway this week - they have a promotion if you buy 10 certain items you automatically get $10 off. There are some good deals!

I got the 5 lb. box of clementines for $3.88! They are were on sale for $4.88 and there is coupon in this Sunday's paper. These are normally $9.xx here!! The kids love them! I'm sure I'll be back for another box before the week is up!

Pomegranates are 2 for $3.00 and there is a $1.00 coupon in the Sunday paper - so 2/$2!

I bought 10 packages of Back to Nature Classic granola - on sale for $3.00 each- I had one $1.00 coupon (from the Mambo Sprouts book)- and then the $10 off promo made it $1.90 a package! I am excited because granola and yogurt is about the only dessert DH and I eat anymore and I normally pay $4.00 a package for Bear Naked - so this is a 50% savings for us. It's all natural - though I do wish it had a bit less sugar (Bear Naked has the lowest I know) even though it's cane juice and fruit sugars, so for a dessert I guess I'll live with it.

Last of all, Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage - on sale for $2.50 each - buy 10 and get $10 off - so $1.50 a package. This is usually $4.59 a package!! It's fully cooked and 1/2 the fat of regular sausage - so it's great to freeze and use for quick breakfast convenience.

I would have purchased 10 boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios (only dry cereal #2 son will eat) but they were out of stock - with the blinkie coupons ($.75 off 2) and the $10 promo - it would be $1.35 a box for a 14-17oz. box. I'll go back before the promo ends for that. I need a bigger pantry! I'm going to have to convert a closet!

It won't be long until I head to Lowe's for a freezer (or perhaps Craigslist if I'm lucky!) I am making room in my laundry room for one now!


  1. Thanks for alerting me to the $10 off 10 deal - I didn't see that ad. Great find!

  2. I love finding Safeway deals! Keep up the great work and thanks for this post! I didn't catch that $10 deal either! I'm so bummed because our Safeway only had 14 boxes of Cheese Nips on the shelf ALL week! So, I got 12 of them, but would have liked to get more! =)