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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Safeway Savings January 24, 2008!

I had to reeeeallly go searching for the deals this week! Wow! They were few - I found some though!

First off, the few "hidden" deals:

Chiquita Bites individual packs - on sale for $1.00 each (reg. $1.49) - there were "blinkie" coupons for $.75 off ANY size - so $.25 each pack. I bought apples and apples w/carmel - they also have apples & grapes. These aren't my standard organic sliced apples from Trader Joe's - but for the price and convenience, I got some. 21 packs for $5.25 - regular price would have been $31.29 - isn't that ridiculous?? I think they are even pricey at $.25 each! The only other time I buy these is when they do a b1g1 on the large packs and I use the $.75 coupon off 2 - making them around $1.50 a pack (not individually wrapped) but the big packs aren't on sale right now.

Jennie-O Turkey Roast -lean white or lean white/dark - these are in a box in the freezer section - they were $4.69 and had a "blinkie" for $3 off any Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey Breast or Turkey Breast any variety (which makes me think you can use it on the ground turkey on sale this week too perhaps?) So $1.69 for a lean turkey roast - that you have to do NOTHING to prepare - no thawing -just pop it in the oven for 2-3 hours in the pan it came in and it serves 6!! Yipppeee - this is even better than cooking and freezing your food! Instant meal (if you think about it early enough to get it in the oven that is!) You can see it on their website here

Fresh Express Spinach is on sale for $1 and Fresh Express Coleslaw for $1 - they still have the "blinkies" that take $2/2. So FREE on your veggies.

The other great buys were on meat in the frozen section! I found these Mickey Burgers - 85% lean - 8 burgers in a box for $5.99 - b1g1. So $3.00 for 8 burgers - I can't ever beat that price! Of course on the other hand, I went out of the store with $12 in Grass Fed Organic Beef for my Sloppy Joes this week! Go figure! I try to do organic, but at prices this good, I'm hoping a little other non-organic meat won't hurt! You can view them here

They also had Foster Farms items at b1g1- I was very excited to find my favorite turkey meatballs that they quit carrying at Costco - they are sooo much lower in fat than the meat ones and they are tasty! Many I've tried are NOT! Ended up $4 a bag- that will do several meals. Also got frozen Foster Farms chicken strips - these are awesome for my homemade chicken strips and no extra prep in cutting. So $5.50 a bag -I can't remember the pounds.


  1. Howdy! love your savings! just curious for this trip did you plan ahead? or did you happen to find the blinkies at the store along with the sale price. I am learning I need to pay attention to blinkies more and more.

  2. ummm...what is a blinkie?

    I'm new to couponing.
    Can you tell?

    Thanks for your great tips. Because of you I got some cereal and sausage last week at Safeway.


  3. Thanks for those hidden savings tips!

  4. imm93 - Hi! Thanks for your comments! On this trip, I just happened upon the "blinkies"! I wasn't expecting much good from the ad (just the $.50 canned veggies and beans) so these blinkies made some great deals!

    Debra - blinkies are the coupons that are right in front of the product on the shelf - sometimes they feed out automatically one at a time, or sometimes they are just on a tear-off type notepad. The Jennie-O ones were the tear type posted right on the freezer door and the Chiquita ones were pull-outs right in front of the packs of apples.

    pieces- Thanks for stopping by and posting!!

  5. Great job! Some time you really have to search out those deals.

  6. Thank you!! those were great finds! I will try my luck.

  7. Thank you so much for your post! I wasn't planning to go to Safeway this week since I wasn't impressed with the ad, but now I will. I also saw today that the SmartSource insert has two different coupons that can be used on the Foster Farms frozen items. I'm looking forward to trying those turkey meatballs!