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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tonight's Dinner - cost $5.19 to feed 7 with leftovers!

Tonight's dinner was CHEAP with a capital "C"! Total cost $4.19 to feed seven people (I cook for my aging in-laws making the extra 2 people). That is $.74 a plate! Here is a picture of the dinner plated up for delivery to my in-laws!

Jennie-O Turkey $1.69 (after coupon)
Green Giant Green Beans 2 cans $1.00 (on sale for $.50 each this week)
Stuffing from Trader Joe's $1.69 (regular price)
Natural Apple Sauce $1.00 on sale

Now, for my review! The stuffing was good for a box mix and the Trader Joe's kind has nothing artificial in it. The green beans were great - I rinse them to dimish sodium and season lightly. I'm not so sure what I think of the turkey - I have 3 more so I guess I will use them at some point - I imagined it as a turkey tenderloin type, but it tastes more like cafeteria type turkey. So, I won't be buying more of them - BUT it was so EASY and quick! I cooked the turkey roast for 2 hours, made the stuffing and green beans in 15 min - Easy with a capital "E" - so for something quick, it fit the bill.


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