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Monday, January 28, 2008

Safeway Updates -more savings found & promo!

Using some coupons from the 1-27-08 paper, I got a few more deals I wanted to share for those of you with a Safeway and there is an unadvertised promo that printed on a Catalina last night. I put my things away before I got a picture, but you will get the idea of what is possible.

Foster Farms items still on sale - or b1g1 free. There were coupons in the paper for $1 off Corn Dogs, $2 off Dino chicken nuggets and $1 off Orange Chicken. So.....
Corn Dogs on sale $3 - use $1 coupon - $2 (cheap lunch)
Orange Chicken and Nuggets qualify for b1g1 - $8.99 for 2 - less $2 coupon, less $1 coupon - $6 for 2 or $3 a bag!

Shredded Wheat is on sale for $.99 a box (reg. $4.89) use coupon $1/2 - $.50 each - then a $1 Catalina printed for $1 off next grocery trip - so like FREE

Using the $3 Jennie-O coupons I got as "blinkies" I got Jennie-O Breakfast Sausage for $.49 a pack - and Turkey Burgers for $1 a pack of 4! Cheap breakfast and dinner! I also found that my local Lucky store's regular prices on Jennie-O are cheaper than Safeway - Breakfast Links cost me $.29. I am holding out for that glorious day when Jennie-O goes 50% or b1g1 - then using the $3 coupons - I'll have FREE meat and overage!! Yipppee - I'm watching the flyers like a hawk!

UNADVERTISED PROMO: Buy any 5 Sara Lee, HIllshire Farms, Ball Park, or Jimmy Dean products, get a $10 off Catalina. I bought some things for my MIL that they use (I do their shopping as they are not able) and got the $10 coupon for next time. I am still trying to figure how to best do this deal to maximize savings. It's good until 2/11 or something like that -so hoping something will go on a good sale and I can stockpile and get lots of $10 off Catalinas. When 1 gallon of organic milk costs $6 on sale, those are welcome coupons!!!


  1. Okay, I went to Safeway last night and didn't see one "blinkie". Either I'm blind or my Safeway doesn't have them. Are they in every Safeway?

    Also, does it matter when you make your shopping trip? Do you always plan to go right after their new sales start? (Like on Wednesdays).
    I was just wondering.

    Thanks. And thank you for your Safeway posts, they are a blessing to me.

  2. Hi Debra - I would think every Safeway would have them - but I'm sure they vary as to what they get. I see them in Lucky as well - or other big grocery chains. Sometimes they are in a little machine that spits them out 1 at a time or other times they just look like a notebook that you tear them off. I wonder if you could ask a cashier if they have any coupons on display? I see that the machines say "Smart Source" on them. The Jennie-O ones were placed right on the front of the freezer case.

    To me it doesn't matter when I make my trip - many times I go and they are out of what I wanted, so then I try to get back later in the week. They are pretty good though, not often getting rainchecks.

    Thanks for your kind words! I am happy that people are willing to help each other try to meet the budget! Groceries are so expensive!

  3. Thanks Peggy, I'll ask next time.