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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eating from the Pantry update 1

It's only day 6 but I thought I'd post an update. I spent $20 at Target one day because the coupons were so good - I did not really need the items, so I won't be doing that again! I bought organic milk at Safeway and a few items I needed for our church potluck. 

Yesterday I spent $16.xx at whole foods buying grass-fed beef, organic butter from grass-fed cows and some Ezekiel spouted cereal (I'm trying to shy away from my yogurt, granola snack b/c there is too much sugar in the granola-also going away from having cereal for a snack if the sugar content is more than 4g) - the Ezekiel sprouted cereal will be my snack and my add-in for my greek yogurt with organic jam.
That's $42.  

I spent $50.50 at Trader Joes on eggs, bread and organic produce, milk and yogurt and $6 at Safeway for bagged apples (using up the last of my coupons on those $.25 packs!)

Today I went to Foods Co - it's new in our area and I understand run by Kroger - I'm looking forward to seeing if they have better prices than my usual haunts!  I was able to get 12 packs of Jennie-O Turkey for free with coupons and paid $18 for my other dairy items (cheese, yogurt).  I thought I was going to be able to use the overage of my Jennie-O coupons towards the other food, but they would not let me and I did not want to ask to put back all the other stuff, so I just paid for it -didn't quite work out like I thought!  Oh well, still a great deal.

So I'm at $116.50.  I will have to buy milk again in a few days, but I'm good on bread and eggs and fruit for at least a week.

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