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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Exercise - a new topic at my blog! Part 2

After about a year and a half at Curves, I made great progress. I had lost 20 pounds and about 13 inches overall! I decided to try my hand at 24-Hour Fitness. I bought a few Tae-Bo VHS tapes at Goodwill and did them at home to know the moves, then I started going to Turbo Kickboxing at the gym - I LOVED it with a capital "L"! The awesome music with the fun moves, did not even feel like working out! I was hooked. Without even trying I lost another 10 pounds. I had suprpassed my goal weight! I was a regular at the 6:00 am class for 2 years. I also did Turbo Jam at home, started walk/running, yoga, got a Supreme Pilates Machine and added strength training. I did a round of P90X at the beginning of 2006 - I was gung-ho exercise. Everything I read, researched, talked about was exercise!

I entered a contest with the Beachbody Company - producers of my beloved Turbo Jam. The prize was to have Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Kick/Turbo Jam come to your home to host a Turbo Jam Party! I won! It was a wonderful experience to meet Chalene in person and know she is just as genuine as she seems in the videos. This is a picture of her leaving my house! She has a great blog check it out here.


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