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Saturday, February 9, 2008

How do you live without Orange Juice?

I'm trying to figure out how since it's $3 a half gallon on sale!  I only buy the "not from concentrate" type - so it's 100% juice, but come on!  That's like $24 a month in OJ if I get it on sale.  

I have a Vita-mix and I've tried just doing an orange and water and ice - it's OK, not great.  Maybe if I add in another fruit?  

This month I'm eating out of the pantry, so I'm determined NOT to buy OJ, so we are drinking the zillion bottles of free Juicy Juice I got some time back (grape, apple, berry).  I only let the kids have a 6oz. cup of juice a day b/c of the sugar (though natural) filling them up.  

How do you live without OJ?  

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  1. Sorry I can't help. I am not a big juice fan so I never buy it and therefore my kids never got into it. We just do water and milk.

    I did read somewhere that if you are doing juice OF is really more healthy than a lot of others like apple juice which is just too much sugar!