She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Friday, February 15, 2008

Style on the cheap!

Who doesn't love some Jcrew?  It's an awesome store, with timeless, classic fashions - but a high price tag!  Once in a while I make a real score at Jcrew or - I am still wearing the jeans I got there about 4 years ago for $9.99!  I'm still wearing the flip-flops I got that year too! Quality with a capital "Q"!  So, I was thrilled to get these super comfy flip-flops for this season for $5.25 each!  (I just saw them in the store for $26!) I even had a free shipping code - and it's all thanks to my pals at Fishing for Deals.  These gals know how to find a bargain - they have saved me $100's over the years.  Where I live, I LIVE in flip-flops almost year round- one pair has crabs and the the other flip-flops - LOOOVE it!


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