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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Safeway Rally Promo! $117 for $26 --77% Savings!

In honor of Valentine's Day I'd like to say I LOVE Safeway!  They just keep giving me free food!  
This week so far (and it's only day 1 of the promo) I've gotten $117 worth of groceries for $26!  
It started out this morning when I got 25 boxes of Rice-A-Roni Whole Grain.  When I checked out, it only generated a $10 catalina.  They sent me to Customer Service and they could not figure it out - after a while of studying the receipt, I realized he only rang up 22 boxes - hence the $10 catalina.  The Manager just took me back to a register and rung up more Rice-A-Roni to try to get another $10 catalina- instead it gave her a $20 one - so she told me I could keep the $20, the $10 and the extra boxes of Rice-A-Roni!  JACKPOT!  
I went back and used my coupons, and the $30 catalinas and got more!  I'm happy I was able to get some healthy options, as many times these type sales offer only junk food.  I got no sodium can tomatoes (I use a lot in soups) whole grain rice, cheese, cottage cheese, ziplocs, Cheerios, veggies.  I bought 1 box of Fruit Roll-ups for the kids to have a treat for Valentines.  
I now have another $20 catalina and I have my $30 in free cash left over from last week (came from rebates, and consignment store sales) so I should make it through February pretty well.  
I went back today and I can't believe the good fortune I had!  In my first go around I got Pasta Roni, Pop Secret, Tomatoes, Chips, Brownie Mix, Veggies, and Toothpaste- before coupons & catalina total $76.25 - after $14.73 an 81% savings!  
I got a $.50 catalina and wanted to do the Green Giant veggie deal again (buy 3 get $2 off) plus the large bags had $1 coupons on them!  So I went back and got 3 bags of veggies and 2 packs of Jennie-O burgers marked down to $2 each - I had $3 off coupons - so I was able to use the overage towards my other items.  Total before coupons $18.37 - total after $3.27 a savings of 82%!  The BEST part was I was just chatting away with my favorite cashier - and he said "You are one of my best customers, so I have a present for you" - and he handed me a $20 catalina!! Whoo-hooo!  He had no idea how happy he was going to make this girl - I think I jumped up and down right there in line!  Crystal is so right when she says that God will provide for you and bless your efforts!!


  1. I just posted my deal on slick deals (you can find the link on my blog though -- it is a nce one. What Yogurt did you get with it?

  2. Hi Hilary - it looks like yogurts, but it's the Knudsen Live-active Cottage Cheese individuals. I'm going to check out your list! Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    Isn't the safeway deal fun? I've been shopping way more than I probably ought to, but who can resist? I don't know if it was regional, but if you have an Albertsons near you-- I found Egglands best dozen large brown for just $1!!! And they had NED .55/1 coupons on some packages. Wow! Anyway I was reading some of your grocery blog and thought I would let you know of that deal just in case you can get in on it too. Happy savings! Vanessa

  4. Thanks Vanessa - I almost cried reading about those Eggslands best for a $1 b/c our Albertsons just closed! What a deal!! Thanks for pointing it out - I hope others can use it as well.

  5. Grat job Peggy! I love your new header!

  6. Wow - you really did hit the jackpost. Good for you!

    Love the "drinking fountain" photo, btw. Too funny!