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Friday, September 5, 2008

How many meals can you make in 15 minutues?

Well, I am trying to find out as our schedule this fall is CRAZY!!!  We get home (from schooling at the library) and have about 1 hour total to get ready to leave for all practices, lessons and such - so I have to get it made and served in 1 hour tops!  Ackkkk!  I am trying to cut corners without eating TOO badly - I try to buy any quick or ready made foods with good ingredients and without preservatives and additives.  Is it optimum?  NO. Is it do-able for now?  YES.   We still try to get in the Green Smoothie several times each week (striving for daily).  For breakfast we stick to our organic oatmeal or homemade granola or organic eggs with sprouted wheat bread and turkey sausage or turkey bacon with no nitrites or a bowl of Cheerios or Organic TJ's Corn Flakes or a TJ's cereal bar on the go.  Lunch is stuff I pack - sandwiches, Annies Mac & Cheese in our thermoses, fruit, organic crackers, leftovers in our thermoses.


Meal #1
Barilla Plus Spaghetti 
Trader Joe's low sodium marinara
TJ's turkey meatballs
TJ's focaccia

Meal #2
Coleman Natural Uncured Hot Dogs (new at Costco!)
Annie's Mac & Cheese (cheapest at Target- $1.42)
Birdseye Steamfresh veggies (cheapest at Target $1.47)

Meal #3
Sloppy Joes made with ground turkey breast (made ahead)
Mashed organic potatoes
Corn on the Cobb

Meal #4
Frozen lasagna no preservatives added (Costco)
Bagged salad

Meal #5
Pinto beans cooked all day with onion and garlic
Cornbread homemade with whole grains (takes 10 min to mix, 25 to cook)

Meal #6
Homemade soup made ahead of time (I do a few things like this at night or weekend when I have a little more time)
Bread & butter

Meal #7 (this one takes 15 min tops!)
Trader Joe's Teriyaki Chicken
TJ's instant Brown Rice
Birdseye steamed veggies 

Meal #8
Costco Alaskan Salmon Burgers
TJ's sweet potato spears baked (toss in olive oil and salt & pepper first)
Salad or Birdseye Steamed Veggies

Meal #9
Chili Stack ups 
Base is tortilla chips, next comes chili (canned or made ahead), cheese, lettuce, pineapple, salsa

Meal #10
Tuna Casserole (Healthy Harvest whole wheat noodles, includes lots of veggies)

Treats - Snacks
-My 8 year old DD just made a "healthier" version of Rice Krispie treats - we added organic natural Peanut Butter and flaxseed
-I make up a batch of homemade granola every week
-I have been buying the small bags of apples at Safeway for $.25 with sale & coupon stash I had
-Any fruit on sale (this week pears $.49 lb, and gala $.89)
-Mrs. Mays Almonds (Costco - awesome snack)
-Craisins (Costco)
-Late July PB crackers organic, no transfat (Costco!)

There are enough meals to get you through 2 weeks (weekdays).  I will continue to add to my rotation! 


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