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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living Well, Feeling Great Promo at Safeway!!

After this promo, I am Feeling Great! I've saved so much dough these past 2 weeks it's crazy! Here is a picture of some of my hauls - I've lost track of my receipts, but I was doing the buy $30 of certain items to get $10 catalina - and the Arrowhead water Catalina of $2 for every 2 you buy - I kept rolling those deals and at one point I paid $.69 for 12 packs of water and 3 packs of Precious Cheese Sticks! That was a fun day!

I've been back for the water several times and they are always out! So tonight I took the $21 I had in Catalinas and the $54 I had in coupons and made it home with tons of great food - regular price $115.86 - I paid $29.75!!! I got Organic chicken, 3 seven-bone roasts, a pizza, meatloaf and mashed taters (these will all come in handy as I'm working the rest of the week - quick meals), Good Belly's we've grown to love
thanks to a tip from my friend Rachel (get your coupon here -these are both a vitamin and probiotic) , Healthy Choice no preservative meals and raw Lara Bars (minimal ingredients and processing - love it)! Yummmm! That is Money Saving Mom worthy!!

Thanks to my friend for "hooking" me up with the Organic Grass Fed Beef markdown at Safeway! (Read here a bit why grass-fed beef is so good for you!) I got it for $1.99 a pound. I pay $5.99 a pound for this on a regular basis without batting an eye! SCORE!!!

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  1. Wow, Peggy! Great job!

    I have never seen that grass-fed beef in my Safeway. Is it somewhere different than the other beef?