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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Happy Day!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight??
I was floored today when my boss handed me this gift bag from Anthropologie with a gift card in it for $200!! I am so happy! The story is this. I typically work at my company 1 day per week doing project work. It's the perfect schedule for our family! Well, I started working more hours in 2009 assisting for this boss when his previous assistant didn't work out. Things at this desk were in quite a disarray and for a year I worked part-time hours to try to help him straighten it out. All along I wanted to go back to my 1 day a week job, so I could continue homeschooling my kids, but I kept sticking it out, offering assistance until they found a replacement. In February this year, they finally found one! So, this gift was his thanks to me for helping him out during that difficult transition time. It was a very thoughtful gift. The card came packaged in this little cute monster! I can't wait to go shopping!

I think I may get......


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