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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100 Calorie Pack Deal at Amazon!

My husband is on a "homemade" version of Nutrisystem, "homemade" by ME! I just go to the grocery each week and buy the frozen dinners for his lunch and dinner (I know this does NOT follow my natural, healthy philosophy, but this is merely designed for the short term, and I buy the meals that say no preservatives!!) His breakfast consists of Jimmy Dean D-Lights and Eating Right Steel Cut Oatmeal, alternating. He has a Light & Fit yogurt and snacks like Zone Bars or 100 Calorie packs. His daily calorie intake is between 1300-1500 per day, though he is allowed to go to 1900. In 25 days, he has lost 20 pounds! It's obviously working! We are very happy for him and we are all back on track with our healthy living. Working out, eating right, Green Smoothies, watching our calories.

I found these by accident this morning on Amazon. These run $4.50 a box at the grocery store - they are on sale at Amazon 79% off - 5 boxes of them are $4.66. If you buy 3 cases (5 boxes per case) at $4.66 each, shipping is $8.85, making them $1.52 each box! So now we are stocked with snacks. I know these aren't "health" food - but they are serving a purpose for the moment! Run to Amazon as they change these type sales quickly!!


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