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Monday, March 22, 2010

Early to bed, early to rise??

It's funny how you can get addicted to reading people's blogs and how you feel like you know them and you are friends and how you miss it when they don't post one day! Strange like that. A big world online where people with common interests can connect. It would be great to meet so many of you!

My office is a mess - sorta still looks like this post from a year ago when I was in Simple Mom's Spring Cleaning Party! From the looks of my office, I must have quit on Day #6 and never looked back! I have GOT to get a handle on this and I know the key is what Inspired to Action talks about constantly - it's the dreaded getting up EARLY!! I mean EARLY like 5:30 or 6:00 AM! !! I know it works because one of my BFF's from college uses her methods and has great success as a mom, full-time employee and successful R&F Skin Care business owner! (If you need a new skincare regimen, check it out HERE - awesome for reversal of sun damage!)

I have many roles (wife, mother, home school teacher, friend, consultant for a commercial real estate company part-time, daughter-in-law, Bible class teacher, preacher's wife) so I really need that morning time to get up, be alone with God in Bible study & prayer and make preparations for the day before everyone is up and running. So why I am posting this? Maybe subconsciously I want some accountability.

I will post if I get up tomorrow and how it worked out.

Disclaimer: I hate mornings and with adrenal fatigue it's soooo hard to get out of that bed!

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  1. I know what you mean about feeling like you "know" the people whose blogs you frequent and missing them when they don't post. I've been following you on my Google reader for about a week now and love how you pull things from your own closet to recreate fashionable looks.

    And I don't juggle as much as you do, but I've been trying to pick up a new exercise regimen recently and the only logical time to do it is before work, but losing that extra hour of sleep is so hard to do!

    Good luck on the office fix!