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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Instead of this............try this.........

Instead of this..........
Waterfloral Pastiche Cardigan $88.00

Try this......
Notions Floral Cardigan from Sears $24.99

Instead of this Jcrew Chambray shirt $98.00

Try this Old Navy Chambray Shirt $26.50 (and less this weekend with the 30%)

Or this little number that my friend Naomi was rocking today - at H&M for $9.95!! I so need to go to H&M soon! Love the chambray!

Instead of this........
Sofft Redondo $107.95

Try this...........
I Love Comfort Vallie from Sears $29.99

Sofft shoes are TDF comfort! I bought some black heels last spring I will wear for a long time! So, I was drooling over the above red sandals. Tonight at Sears while getting the kids shoes, I came across these and they are super comfortable like the Sofft brand. The photo makes them look brown, but they are a great shade of wine patent.

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  1. ohh i love this post! thanks for sharing! keep these posts comin' because i love seeing alternatives to those expensive pieces!