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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Turning 40 is fine!!!!

Well, my big 4-0 is shaping up to be mighty fine! Today was Phase I of the birthday celebration! Today my kids took me out for so much fun! My youngest son took me for a DQ Blizzard (Recee Cup, my fav) and then he bought me Purple Ninja Girl from IchiBanKan that I have wanted for like forever! She is a purse charm and I put her on my bag immediately!

PURPLE NINJA-She reminds me that in my 40's I need to work on my Ninja like qualities of stealth, true patience, self-control, dedication & loyalty!

My oldest son took me to my absolute fav, Starbucks for my Grande Americano and Lucy's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies! Love it! Then he totally surprised me with this Owl Coin Purse from IchiBan! I love owls - so into them right now!

MRS. OWL - reminds me to embrace my 40's and continue to gain wisdom during my next decade!

And from my little girl - a gift from Anthropologie! She remembered that the very first time I set foot in an Anthro, I loved this little vintage-y sugar bowl! We put our organic, raw sugar in it!

BIRDIE SUGAR BOWL - This reminds me to be sweet to others, and to allow myself little "sugary" treats now and then! I'm 40 after all - I've earned it!
And I got these clothing gifts with money I received from various family members! I got THE best deals today! I was floored when I entered Jcrew to do a return and saw all their awesome sales of items that were just in the spring catalog! What up? I don't know but I'll take them!

Old Navy Flower Applique Cardigan
After seeing this on Anthroholic yesterday - I went by to see if they had one in my size as it is sold out online -they had one left! It was meant to be!

The first of my Jcrew gems! Chain Flower Tee -This baby was $14.99 - marked down from $49.99! Hello bargain!

Ripstop Cargo Pants - OK, these were $79.99 like two seconds they were $19.99! I was sooo excited - they were on the cover of the March catalog and I so longed for them. At $20 and my birthday - they are now mine! I got the Safari color.
Loved. This. Cardi. I loved the vest that Ginger Girl was sporting HERE and wanted get either the vest or the cardigan. Today I got this in a rosy pink color! It was still on the main display when I was at the store today, but it was marked down. The color looks great with the new cargos and tee!

Tunic from the Garden Collection at H&M $9.99 - I can't wait to wear this one with just some jeans and the pretty new sandals I got at Payless shown below!

I saw these in a magazine- can't remember which one now but thought I would check them out when I happened upon a Payless. I guess they were their most popular shoe of the season - they were sold out everywhere! I finally tracked down a pair and they gave me 10% off, plus a $3 coupon - and they were already on sale - so I got them for $15!! I will wear these ALL spring and summer. IRL they have a chambray look.


  1. What wonderful gifts from your children! I love the meaning assigned to each!! And great buys :) Enjoy your birthday week!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday. I am so going to JCrew tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday! :) What wonderful absolutely adorable! It sounds like your birthday celebration is off to a good start. I hope you continue to have a wonderful and special time!

  4. I really loved what you've shared on your blog. I will be back to visit son!

  5. Sounds like it was a beautiful birthday and you've got lots of great "treats!"

  6. I found your blog through your comment on mine (In Pursuit of Pretty Things). It's such fun!

    I love your new birthday purchases. They make me wonder if I can find them in my size at my local J. Crew/Old Navy...hahaha...I'm supposed to be on a shopping moratorium! This is terrible!

  7. Happy birthday! How nice of your kids to give something to celebrate your birthday and I love the meaning you have given to each of them. Have a wonderful day!

  8. AWWW! SO SWEET! Great deals! I wish we could see you guys! Espeacially on your b-day. the big 4 0 has arrived! Happy B-day aunt Peggy! ;)

  9. Happy 40th! I'll be 43 in less than a week!!! Luvee my 40's!!!