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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have emerged victorious & here is a pic of my RAW dinner!

I ventured into the beautiful world that is Anthropologie! I love it so much I want to get a part-time job there! I tried on nearly 15 items and loved many, many of them, but I left empty handed, but satisfied with myself that I had it in me to resist the temptation! I made a promise to myself and I am sticking to it and it feels good! I hardly ever resist a sale and the sale rack was loaded with items I had wanted at full price - Bougainvillea Cardi, Spilling Ruffles Cardi, Circled Adornments helped me that I read Kendi's You Can't Always Get What You Want post before I went. It gave me strength! So then I thought I'd be clever and stop at Goodwill and find a $1 super cute thrifted shirt like Kendi - only where I live in super-expensive land- they want $10 for a thrift shirt! I even saw a salvage Target dress I had gotten last month for $6 selling at Goodwill for $10!!

I did end up buying my little guy (he is actually my big guy now - but I still think of him as my little guy) this shirt at Gap on sale with a 20% off coupon.
Since he was about 5, he has had a Gap patch shirt or jacket and seriously, he wears it every single day!! He had one I bought him at age 5, that he would NOT hand down to his brother until we luckily found a replacement size at a garage sale for $.50- he wore that one - a size 8, until we about ripped it off his body a few months ago because it was so small!! So when I saw this today in a size he can wear now and grow into, and take backpacking and camping, I had to get it for him. He can wear this one until we take it from him at age 18!!

And here is my partially raw dinner! Marinara sauce on zucchini!! I've always read you get more benefits from cooked tomatoes, so eating the cooked sauce on the raw veggies is a win-win!

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  1. oh you did SO good! i am super lucky that there is no anthro close to me. the closest one is 2 hours away, so when i do visit, (only a few times a year) i do get to spoil myself a little!!