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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've searched for you for 19 years!!

Funny story. I went out for a bike ride this morning because it was a glorious day! I had a destination in mind, first a great cup of coffee, then to the grocery for a few needed items. On my way, I came across a garage sale! I thought I would try my hand at seeing if there were any treasures. This was the nicest garage sale - everything looked brand new and was in its original box! Ann Taylor, Jcrew, New Balance, etc. Then I saw this purse, and almost shed a tear.

You see, years ago (19 to be exact) I met my wonderful sister-in-law for the first time. I instantly loved her and we quickly became very close. We had a lot in common and shopping and garage sale-ing were 2 of our hobbies. She had this Liz Claiborne purse that I loved. I always tried to find one just like it because I liked hers so much. I searched in stores, I searched in garage sales, no avail. Then, today, I saw it. And for $3 I HAD to buy it for memories sake and it's now considered "vintage"! So that makes it cool, right? Anyhow, I cleaned it all up (even though it was like brand new) and my "stuff" fits in in (a tight fit, but still).

So, what do you think? Do you like "vintage" items? This one is from the eighties or early nineties! I saw a similar one on ETSY. I know that mixing vintage with things like Anthro is very big in the blog world.
Sandy, I miss you - do you still have this purse??


  1. 19 years? Wow! Good for you to have found this purse. I remember being in middle school and all the "cool" girls had a purse similar to this one, just a bit smaller. :) All the "cool" girls wore the Liz Claiborne fragrance, too, remember it, the triangle shaped one in all different colors?

    What a great story. We are having a garage sale next weekend, and I hope I can satisfy other women's needs with my collection of older Ann Taylor, J. Crew, and Banana Republic items. ;)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. Wow, I have the cosmetic bag that goes with this (senior year in HS, 1984!). What a find.

  3. Dina - that is so funny - all the cool girls had that similar purse! I totally remember that perfume too! Oh I would kill to go to your garage sale - have it online!

    Hexicon - how funny!!!

  4. That is sooooo cool!!! I remember when I got my first Liz Clairborne purse. I thought I was one hot tamale with it. I still have it, stored away in my attic. I should dig that sucker out, because you're right-it WOULD be considered vintage! I love finding things you really were looking for at a garage sale. They are so much fun to poke around and check out. Congrats to you! And that LC bag has a total classic shape! Good for you!!

  5. I had that exact purse except in beige - I think I wore it out! It was and still is a great purse and if I found another one I would by in a heartbeat!